// Human Generated OSINT at Scale

Reimagine your OSINT strategy

Adopt fully scalable yet cost-effective human generated intelligence analysis as part of your organisation’s OSINT strategy

// Data Is The New Oil

Leverage the true potential of the world's largest database - the internet


One size doesn't fit all. Solutions built to address the generic needs of several organizations can't satisfy their unique requirements. We take pride in our tailor-made solutions, where each of our partners only receive only what they need - nothing more, nothing less.

Only signal, no noise

In the world of information overload, OSINT consumers rarely have the time to go through all findings. Our analysts identify the signal, discard the noise and only allow relevant data to be delivered to the end users based on their bandwidth and data requirements.

Human intelligence

While using a lot of automated tools, we rely extensively on our human analysts to verify and validate all findings before they are delivered to our partners. This allows us to find the best possible objectives and deliver services as per our partners' needs and capacity.


While employing skilled intelligence analysts is a big cost for organizations globally; our unique business model ensures our partners have access to a large pool of experienced intelligence professionals without being concerned about affecting the bottom line.


Whether you need a single analyst for two weeks or 20 analysts for a year or need to quickly scale up from one to 20 analysts within a week; thanks to our unique operating model, we can fulfil any requirements you might have. You only tell us what you need and we deliver.

Heavy lifting

No more need for using expensive resources on time consuming and manual yet critical processes in your workflow. We can do all the heavy lifting on your behalf so that you can focus your limited resources on dealing with the most pertinent issues.

// We Help With Your OSINT Needs

What We Actually Do

Tech Karimganj is involved in the collection, collation, analysis and dissemination of publicly available information as per our client requirements and in a template as desired by our clients. Whether you need information on COVID19 restrictions in Zimbabwe or road closure due to protest in France or organized political disinformation campaigns in India or ISIS propaganda social media or malicious mobile apps or online child endangerment or anything else – if the data is publicly available and you need it – then we will find it for you.  And we will find it while being the most cost-effective.